Thursday, 24 October 2013

Annotated Aswany

Two people (out of several hundred who disagreed) said yesterday that Aswany had a point in his critique of my work. I've been over it very carefully, like a real nerd, and have prepared an annotated breakdown. It's not of great interest to non-specialists but it does bring up some interesting points. To be brutally honest, my conclusion is that there was one minor error ('once again' instead of 'one last time') and one minor omission - 'every time'). The rest of it is bunk. It's here:


  1. Hi Jonathan I'd be interested to interview you and Hassan Blasim in connection with the Iraqi Christ as winners of IFFP this year. please email me on, thanks Lane

  2. Hi Jonathan I'm looking for someone to translate a short story (new work) by a Baghdad based writer, and is part of a wider selection of essays on Iraq. Please can you get in touch and I can send you more information.