Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Some Tunisian tidbits

Salem Mekki of the RCD, a former adviser to Ben Ali, said the party had started a process of self-criticism. "Anyone who made a mistake will be held to account," he told Al Jazeera. He added that if it would serve Tunisia's interests, the RCD would not hesitate to dissolve itself, but things are not that simple.... In the end the people would decide at the ballot box.

Al Jazeera reported that the Tunisian authorities have banned Abdallah Qallad from leaving the country.  As a minister in the early 1990s Qallad was instrumental in the start of Ben Ali's repression. He stood alongside PM Ghannounchi on television after Ben Ali left the country on Friday.

In the coastal town of Nabeul, trade unionists said they had set up a council to run the town in the absence of the state. Such councils could be just a short-term expedient, but if the crisis of legitimacy continues, they may assume greater significance.

The Progressive Democrat Party (PDG) of NĂ©jib Chebbi has split into two camps - one in favour of participation in the interim government and the other opposed. But the opponents say that they are not leaving the party and that they still hope to win over the other side to their point of view.

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