Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Gaddafi's management style

One interesting aside from Bruce Reidel's polemic is favour of overthrowing Gaddafi/Qaddafi: "During the negotiations with Libya over the Pan Am 103 trial, I met with Qaddafi’s closest henchmen, including his chief of secret police, Musa Kusa, and his bag man in Europe who was appropriately based in Palermo, Sicily. Even they lived in fear of the Libyan leader’s whims and were always unsure what deal he would take or break and what mood he would be in when they next dealt with him."
    Not very surprising in itself, but is it normal for a U.S. official, only eight years out of office, to speak so candidly about foreign officials who are still in office? And then they get upset about Wikileaks!

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