Thursday, 3 March 2011

Carr on Friedman

Sarah Carr's response to Thomas Friedman's laughable list of 'factors which contributed to the Arab uprisings' is one of the funniest pieces of satire I have read in a long time. I especially liked My Moustache and the Cooper's Hill cheese-rolling and wake event (by the way, it really exists, unless Wikipedia has also been spoofed). But the comments on Friedman's article on the New York Times website give an alarming insight into the mindset of, well, people who post comments on the New York Times website. Many of them think Friedman shows brilliant insight, and they don't appear to be writing satirically. Many want to add credit to President George W. Bush and to his invasion of Iraq. A sad reflection of American narcissism, which remains alive and well despite a decade of American decline. 

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